How Is The HCAA Run

The Association is a limited company registered under the Companies Ordinance and is governed by an Executive Committee which functions as the Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is elected by the members during Annual General Meetings. A number of sub-committees with various responsibilities are formed under the direction of the Executive Committee and these are:

While election to the Executive Committee is open only to Fellow members, all HCAA members are eligible, and indeed encouraged, to sit on these sub-committees,

The Executive Committee is a committed team of hotel professionals who are dedicated to making the HCAA a success. We feel that our collective contribution can be greater in many ways than our individual contributions and so the participation of all members - both in educational and technical, and also in social matters - will help bind the Association together and help give it a voice in the industry that will be listened to.

Executive Committee

This is the HCAA’s board of directors, and is in overall control of the Association, carrying out the powers and obligations set out both in the Memorandum & Articles of Association and also in the Companies Ordinance.

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Activities Committee

This committee is concerned primarily with the logistics of actually making the Association’s events happen. These events could be strictly social affairs such as the annual Oktoberfest gathering, bowling competition or golf tournaments, or they may be more formal, associated with such occasions as the Annual General Meeting or a particular workshop or seminar. In either case, a venue is required, refreshments may need to be provided, and members must be informed. These tasks fall to the members of the Activities Committee.

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Education and Technical Committee

This committee is tasked with the organisation of workshops and seminars to provide members with opportunities to improve their practical and theoretical skills. These might be led by members of Association with the required knowledge or experience, or the presenter might be someone from the industry or academia. Past examples include preparatory sessions for the introduction of the MPF scheme, the consequences of the introduction of new depreciation rules, and guidelines for hotel investors and managers in mainland China. This committee works closely with the Activities Committee in the event organisation.

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Finance Committee

As its name suggests this committee is concerned with all aspects of the finances of the club, such as payment receipt and disbursement, cash management preparation of monthly management and annual audited accounts and the preparation of the annual budget. The Association Treasurer is the chairman of this committee and there is also a deputy chairman who is an official bank signatory in the Treasurer’s absence.

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Membership Committee

All aspects of membership administration fall to this committee, both communication with existing members and sourcing new members. It is the responsibility of the committee to review membership applications and decide whether applicants are qualified for membership and, if so, for which category. In accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance the membership chairman is the sole custodian of members’ personal data in order to safeguard them from unauthorised use.

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HCAA Bulletin Editorial Committee

This committee consists of the Bulletin editor and such assistance as may be required from time to time for the preparation of the Bulletin and other newsletters. The Editor is also in charge of maintaining the HCAA’s web site (including being the initial recipient of all postings to the Members’ Forum and Job Market sections) and liaising with the internet service providers and web site designers and hosts for any technical issues that may need to be resolved.

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